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I grew up with and went to high school with Beau, even stared down a few of his fastballs. Beau was the most gifted ball player I had ever seen, destined to play in the bigs. The problem was, something else had a hold on him. Life threw curveballs his way that were just as nasty as the ones he threw the opposing players. No matter how bad things were, under it all, Beau was still a great guy who got lost at times. I’m beyond proud of you Beau for sharing your story and living your life out loud for people to learn from it and grow. I’ll always be in your corner.


A great read , it’s true that the human spirit can never be broken and sometimes in life we have that epiphany . Beau tells it how it is and his story to recovery is inspirational . Go buy this book it’s a hard story to read and very emotional in parts it the story of his journey is amazing .