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The Beau Payne Show brings real conversation to the microphone. As a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran with the 101st Airborne and a MLB draft pick by the Florida Marlins, Beau has known the heights of athletic success and the trenches of serving our country. Later, Beau struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, leading to several stints in prison. Now, Beau is clean and sober living one day at a time. Through this podcast, Beau aims to share stories of self-improvement through authentic conversations with guests. Real people. Real talk. That’s what The Beau Payne Show is about.

You’ll hear how Beau went from suffering years of child abuse to becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, and finally, how he found his purpose while serving time in prison.

One Mile is a 501c3 organization that is focused on showing support, growing awareness, and inspiring action. The primary focus is on those suffering in silence, people suffering from PTSD, addiction, abuse or the invisible thoughts of suicide.

After being released from his latest prison sentence in 2018, Jason started his landscaping company Headz Up Landscaping, and has grown it to be one of the Dallas, TX premier landscaping companies. In addition to his business, Jason is also an author and speaker who shares his story of overcoming tribulations with young adults and current inmates throughout Texas penitentiaries.

In the fourth episode of the Beau Payne Show, Beau talks with John Reel, a former convicted felon and gang member who struggled for much of his life with violent decisions and prison. John’s life took a turn when he was shot 7 times in one instance and survived, completely changing the outlook of his life.

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